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Our Yoga Teachers are internationally certified and registered with Yoga Alliance. Along with exceptional teaching expertise, outstanding knowledge of the most authentic traditional forms of yoga and a distinct methodology have rendered them with recognition by some of the best yoga leaders in the globe. 

Yogi Rajendra Pandey Ji

Philosophy, Pranayama, Alignment & Adjustment

Yogi Kapil Ji 

Mantra and Meditation

Yogi Sandeep Ji

Kundalini & Meditation  

Yogi Sagar  Ji

Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga  

1. Swami Naveenanda Ji Saraswati :- (Our Mentor)

Swami Naveenanada Saraswati Ji is the founder of Seva Dharma Ashram and lives on the holy bank of Ganga near Laxmanjhula. He is an authentic sage and considers seva (unconditional service ) his supreme Dharma (righteous duty). He has gained high regard among the yogis/sages community and household community. He is our mentor and time to time guide us to serve the community through yoga and meditation and charity.

2.Yogi Budhi Prakesh Ji (Mentor and philosopher )

Yogi Buddhi Prakash was initiated in Shankracharya tradition by his master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He is qualified and has several years of experience in yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy. He is a very well-known yogi in Rishikesh and is often invited to hold classes and workshops across the globe. His soft and compassionate nature helps him connect to his students and make them comfortable to understand the deeper and more complicated meaning of yoga philosophy so easily. He is a mentor of Rajendra Yoga And Wellness Center and time to time visits and guides us to continue our journey to teach authentic yoga.

3. Rajendra Pandey

“Rajendra Pandey” has been teaching yoga for the last 20 years. He has vast experience in teaching yoga, in various organizations such as an ashram to five Star luxury hotels, from fitness clubs to guiding individual seekers. He teaches the traditional style of Hatha yoga with good knowledge and understanding of various modifications and adjustments required in the process of learning and teaching yoga to his students. He strongly believes in and recommends a holistic approach to yoga rather than an exercise-oriented yoga practice. He is an authentic representation of a yogi, genuine, sincere, content, and modest in his practice.

He was born and brought up in the holy city of Rishikesh in a traditional Braham family deeply rooted in spiritual faith were chants, prayers, and meditation is in the daily routine. He believes his destiny helps him to process the path of Yoga & travel around the world, during his yoga journey he meets a few great souls & enlightens yogis. He has a unique ability to teach yoga by heart with a great sense of humor & intellectual wisdom. He is the founder of Rajendra yoga and wellness center.

authentic yoga.

4.Yogi Sagar (HATHA Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga )

Yoga teacher Sagar was born and brought up in the holy city of Rishikesh—the world capital of yoga. He is the youngest yoga teacher at Rajendra yoga and wellness center, Tapovan. He always carries a big smile and enthusiasm. After completing his schooling at the age of 18 he started his yoga education at

Sanskrit University, where he learned the fundament principles of yoga and how to live a Yogic lifestyle. He completed university courses and pursued his currier as a yoga teacher . He is associated with some yoga ashrams in and around Rishikesh where he visited frequently to volunteer and teach yoga as a guest faculty. He had completed his 200 hours of yoga teacher training and currently pursuing for master's degree in yoga from a yoga university. He is also volunteering in an NGO (Khushi Charitable Society) where he studied since the age of 7, He now enjoys giving back to Khushi by sharing his knowledge of Yog and expertise with the younger children.

5. Yogi Sandeep (Kundalini Yoga & Meditation)

Yogi Sandeep was born in the year 1972 and was blessed to be born inside the Shivananda Nagar, within the footsteps of the beautiful Ganga river in the holy city of Rishikesh. Yogi Sandeep’s father played a significant role in his early introduction to spirituality, the life force of yoga. Yogi Sandeep spent his early

childhood inside the ashram & the ashram life for him was natural. From the very beginning, he was a spiritual person and have strong faith and trust in divinity.

With his strong faith and trust, he worshipped Shiva and loved to take an active part in Prayers, Mantra Chanting, and Devotional Singing at the ashram. At the age of three to four years Yogi Sandeep remembers to this day very clearly a spiritual awakening, he was being taken by the hand of his older sister up the steps of the Shivananada ashram when suddenly he fell and became unconscious. He remembers feeling strong vibrational energy passing through his spine. At this time nobody realized what was happening to him, however, as a young adult Yogi Sandeep realized this was a spiritual awakening and recognized that ever since that age that he had felt the presence of light within him. At Rajendra Yoga and wellness Center he teaches Kundalini yoga, mantra, and meditation.

By Yogacharya Rajendra Pandey

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